silk hydrangeas in a glass with ivy

Silk hydrangeas in a glass with ivy

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Silk Hydrangeas are extremely popular because they are typically very realistic, they are also one of the few naturally blue flowers available, and what a gorgeous blue they are!

Check out our pages for information on how to use silk hydrangeas, where to buy them (single stems and in bulk) and where you can find the best artificial hydrangea arrangements.

Gardeners are generally familiar with the blue, pink or white varieties, but artificial hydrangeas can be found in a lot more colors. Just take a quick look through flower catalogues and you’ll see these are often true to life, green and deep red hydrangea do occur in nature, and most real blooms change color quite a bit as they age.

Hydrangea’s are ideal for silk florists as their large, showy blooms can create beautiful arrangements, but they can also be divided and wired to add to other flowers. Hydrangeas can be sophisticated in red or white, while blue and pink varieties are ideal for cosy cottage style decor. Use deepest burgundy for Christmas centerpieces and pale blue wherever you have the need for blue flowers, they’ll always look far better than other varieties in colors nature never thought of.

Silk hydrangeas with fall blossom and ranunculus

Silk hydrangeas with fall blossoms and ranunculus

Here’s a simple arrangement, ideal for late summer. Like most hydrangea arrangements it’s very economical, using only a single hydrangea, vertical lines are created with ranunculus and blossom branches.

White hydrangeas are very popular as wedding flowers, a single bloom, surrounded by leaves can make a bridesmaids bouquet, and placed in a vase, a single flower can make an elegant centerpiece.

For a beach decor, blue and white silk hydrangeas arranged in a glass vase filled with small shells make a beautiful statement, and if you have chosen a lovely tranquil blue as the color scheme for your dining room, there’s nothing better than a hydrangea centerpiece for a summer dinner party. Just put together an arrangement of blue artificial hydrangeas with some wonderful green foliage.
Faux flower arrangements are ideal for every modern home. They need no maintenance, they won’t leave water marks or drop dead petals, they just brighten corners and bring smiles.

Types of Hydrangea

Silk hydrangeas come in many forms which mimic those found in nature. Hydrangea macrophyllia has  been grown for many hundreds of years in its native land of Japan and has been treasured not only for its flowers but as a herb. Interest has also grown over the native American species Arborescens and Quercifolia and new forms of these appear regularly.  Due to high volumes of experimentation, there are five main species. The Florists hydrangea has balls of flowers while The Lacecap has a ring of flowers round a central group of tiny lacy flowers. The Mountain, has smaller flowers and leaves than most. The Panicle hydrangea produces white flowers on stalks and The Oakleaf is the only species that also has beautiful leaves that turn a deep red during the fall. Both varieties are available in silk flowers; combined with mophead and lacecaps, the variety of colors, textures and shapes mean a hydrangea bouquet, whether in a vase or being carried by a bride, can be extraordinarily beautiful.

Many people believe that when you plant a type of flower you will get whatever that flower was meant to be. Not so with the hydrangea, you can actually change their color by manipulating the PH of the soil they are planted in, the higher the PH the more purple the color and if the PH is lowered the blooms are pink. In fact the whole genus Hydrangea is undergoing a revival of interest which is very well deserved.

Hydrangea Tales

In the 1700’s a French plant hunter, Philibert Commerson set off on a great expedition to circumnavigate the globe. He took with him an assistant, known to their shipmates as Jean Baret.  The assistant was, however actually Jeanne Baret, her identity was revealed when the ship landed in Tahiti. Jeanne endured countless trials and tribulations of extreme cold, near drownings and jungle sores whilst looking for plants, she also carried heavy equipment and was praised for strength and stamina, however her identity was uncovered when the expedition reached Tahiti and, in some versions of the story Jean had to repel the advances of a Tahitian, Jean was found to be Jeanne, a female. She was he first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

When the expedition came to an end Jeanne became Philibert Commersons housekeeper and stayed with him until the day he died. She later changed her name to ‘Hortense’. It is said that Hydrangea Hortensia was named after her.

Silk Hydrangeas in Centerpieces

Check the menu on the right for many articles on how to arrange silk hydrangeas, but this video, from the floral designers at Pottery Barn we thought was worth including. Although the arrangement is made with real hydrangea flowers, we think you could make something just as beautiful with silk hydrangeas, only, of course you wouldn’t need the water and you could leave the arrangement in place. This could also make a great, arrangement for a wedding if the hydrangeas were white and placed on a bed of filler gems and lit with a battery powered light.

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