Decorating with Pink Hydrangeas

On February 10, 2011, in Hydrangeas, by lesley

Why does decorating time always come round when I am not expecting it?  Am I the only one this happens to? All through the holidays our guest room has been taken over by 6’ 2” footballers and looked more like a locker room than a guest room by the time they had gone. Seriously though, it was delightful to have the boys home again, they certainly livened the place up and I’m glad to say a very happy holiday was had by us all.

When the boys went off to college, life was kind of empty and I am not ashamed to say that I ‘feathered’ my empty nest by turning a virtual junk room into a really pretty guest room. Several friends had stayed in it and I had had nothing but compliments which made me feel that my time had been well spent but just as the boys went out of the door I got an e-mail telling me that one of my school friends who now lived in the UK was coming to the US with her husband and would love to come and stay with me whilst he was at a conference. As you can imagine I was thrilled, that is until I looked into the guest room. I had stripped and washed the bedding and tidied up but the furniture was antique white and even shabby chic didn’t describe it now, however upon inspection there were no bashes or dents, just dirty hand prints and other marks that only boys seem to make.
Time to put on my decorating hat – and then I remembered – my friend was very prone to allergies when she was young, good job I remembered!!!

The very next day I set too by removing the area rug and cleaned the wood floor. It never ceases to amaze me how just a bowl of plain water and a microfibre cloth can get the dirtiest thing sparkling clean, soon the furniture was like new again and so to my joy were the doors and the woodwork and now for the walls, I chose a soft shade of grey for them, two coats and they were done. Time to put everything back, the bed linen is pale pink the bed cover has several shades of deeper pink on white and the lamps on the nightstands are glass with white shades and to make them ‘pop’ I glued the deepest shade of pink ruching around the top and the bottoms. Next, I have three large pictures, ideal for a plain wall but the art work didn’t work, so off i went to the shop to look for wall paper samples, you get these free so that you can take them home to try them out. I cut three pieces out and popped them in the frames …….beautiful, just what I wanted. The area rug had been cleaned and put back in place along with the wicker rocking chair, which had been spray painted Antique White, of course and a  pink pillow added to it.

Silk Hydrangea in Pink, in a pot

Silk Hydrangea from Linens N Things

Time to admire my handiwork but somehow it looked unfinished, I added a little alarm clock but that didn’t do it, of course, it needed a book, laid at just the right angle but that wasn’t it either, so feeling beaten I shut the door. It was two days later when I looked in again, it had sheer drapes, the bed looked beautiful, I had gussied up the lamp shades and then the penny dropped…….no room is complete without flowers, now I love hydrangeas so off I went to see what I could get, they had to be silk, then there is no fear of allergies. I found just what I was looking for, three beautiful variegated pink mop heads with their lush dark greenery, I bought an inexpensive square glass vase and a bag of diamond dust to go with them. There is little or no arranging needed, just a little ‘tweaking’, I put an elastic band around the stems where it couldn’t be seen and added the diamond dust a little over half way up the vase, there in front of me was the very place, on the nightstand without the book and magically the whole room came alive. I never cease to wonder that such a small addition to any room can make the whole room ‘pop’.

My friend loved the room and guess what, she asked if she could take the arrangement home……of course I said ‘yes’, after all it gave me an excuse to do it again.

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