Silk Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

On March 30, 2011, in Hydrangeas, by lesley

Hydrangeas make fantastic wedding bouquets; their large showy heads mean you only need a couple of flowers, and of course they come in a wide range of colors. Perhaps best of all there are many hydrangeas with a very subtle coloration, cream or white with hints of blue, lilac, pink or green which help the bouquet to stand out from the dress, while still giving that regal ‘all white’ look.

When it comes to silk flowers, a bride has many options. You can simply

  1. look through the silk flowers designs and commission a silk florist to make one just for you,
  2. you can make your own wedding bouquet from scratch or
  3. you can choose from a number of ready made bouquets.

In this last case you can choose to use them as they come, you can buy more than one and add them together to create something larger or more extravagant or you can take the ready made bouquet apart completely and construct it in a very different shape. Almost all ready made bouquets are sold in the round, hand tied or posy shape, however I’ve experimented with this and it is perfectly possible to buy a ready made bouquet, cut or take it apart, and build it again, usually using additional foliage, to create a shower or crescent style bouquet.

There’s no question that if you are hoping to make your own bridal bouquet, and hence save some money, there are beautiful flower stems you can choose from and the use of foam bouquet holders makes the whole process a great deal simpler. If the idea of using a bouquet holder scares you, consider taking just a single large hydrangea flower, surround it with leaves and add a lovely shaded organza bow. (ombre shaded ribbon seems to look very good with the subtly colored hydrangeas)

But what if you really don’t want to do that? You want hydrangeas, you’re happy with silk, you want to save money, but you really feel that making your own bouquet might go wrong? The good news is that there are a lot of alternatives. Just browse the shelves at Michael’s or another craft store and you’ll find lots of small, ready made bridal bouquets, and these don’t have to be the end point of your wedding flowers, you can use one or more ready made wedding bouquets as a starting point, put two together for the bride and use the single bouquets for the bridesmaids, and some companies are sensibly selling these in packs. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make you an assembly line bride, you can easily add some more flowers or bows to the make the ready made bouquet uniquely yours, and if your confidence increases, of course you can take it apart and create something which is entirely your own.

Here’s a project I created at another web site, to show that you can make your own bouquet even if you don’t have any formal training.

Here are some ready made bouquets we were surprised to find at amazon, so easy to get hold of!

Hydrangeas are perhaps the best choice of all for the bride with a blue color scheme in mind, they are one of the few flowers which can be said to be genuinely blue, so if you’re looking for a blue scheme and don’t want people to know you are using silk flowers, this is your best bet. You can create a beautiful, natural looking shower bouquet from a very small number of blooms, one blue, one white hydrangea, a couple of stems or orchids, perhaps a white rose or two and some trailing ivy, or add some of the other naturally blue/grey flowers such as thistles, delphiniums, or stick to just lightly tinted hydrangeas, add some foliage and some pale blue organza ribbon.


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