Silk Hydrangeas: 21 Reasons to Use Them

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Silk hydrangeas have come a long way. Not that long ago they were viewed as cheap and nasty, not something anyone of taste would have had in their home.

But all that has changed. The new artificial flower is a far cry from the plastic blooms of yore; today’s silk hydrangeas are made of silk, many are hand painted and most are amazingly lifelike.


There is no reason not to welcome them to you home, and here are 21 reasons why you should go out of your way to do so.

  1. Silk flowers and plants are both realistic and beautiful.
  2. Their prices don’t change with the season.
  3. They last and last for years.
  4. Weather conditions don’t affect them.
  5. Central heating doesn’t harm them.
  6. They don’t need to have their water changed.
  7. They won’t dry out.
  8. They won’t wilt.
  9. They don’t need to be fed.
  10. They don’t die.
  11. Most are fire retardant.
  12. They don’t leave water marks on your furniture.
  13. No need to worry about pollen allergies – they are non allergenic.
  14. With modern methods, they spray clean in a moment.
  15. Put in a polythene bag, they tuck away in a closet till the next time.
  16. Add new blooms to a silk arrangement for a different look.
  17. High end blooms can be put in water for a more natural look.
  18. Twist and bend the stems to get precisely what you want.
  19. You can add scent for an even more natural effect.
  20. No worries about scent changing the flavor of your food
  21. No pollen or other stains on table cloths or clothing.

Store your silk flowers carefully when out of season and they will serve you faithfully for years. No-one will ever know the secret of your beautiful, flower filled home.

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