Silk Hydrangeas and How to Color Them

On February 8, 2011, in Hydrangeas, by lesley

Real hydrangeas can be colored by changing the acidity of the soil. My grandmother did this on a regular basis, and as she greew hers in pots, it meant we could have both pink and blue hydrangeas and in the same garden.

Silk hydrangeas can also be colored using colored markers, chalk, spray paint, etc.  It’s easy to give white hydrangeas a soft blush of pink or blue, something which makes them ideal flowers for a bridal bouquet. But you can go further and recreate the coloring of some of the more unusual varieties. Take a pale green silk hydrangea and tint slightly pink and you’ll mimic ‘limelight’ a gorgeous, showy hydrangea which is ideal for bouquets and flower arrangements of all kinds. For a very subtle coloration, start with a white silk hydrangea and add both green and pink coloration to get just the effect you’re looking for. Add ribbons in pastel pink and green and you’ll haev a lovely combination.


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