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white hydrangea 3

Stunning White Hydrangea

There are many many sites selling silk hydrangeas on the web, many in the form of wreaths, and other artificial flower arrangements. Silk hydrangeas are very popular flowers, where do you go to buy them if you want to create your own floral arrangements or wreaths, or your own wedding bouquet or centerpieces? Where do you find the best silk hydrangea stems and most especially, where can you buy them in bulk?

Hydrangeas (silk or fresh) are very popular flowers because they are the best of both worlds. The tiny flowers give a delicate touch, while the large heads mean only a few stems (sometimes one stem) are enough to create a bouquet or arrangement as long as you add other greenery. Contrast this with something like stephanotis, which has similar delicate flowers, but only a small number to a stem.

It really isn’t difficult to gather flowers around a single hydrangea head and create a beautiful bridal bouquet, and if you want something more sophisticated than a posy, say a cascade design, you can always buy oasis bouquet holders which you can use to create your own.

One of the most surprising things about hydrangea stems is that unless you can get them free from your garden, the price of silk and fresh hydrangeas is remarkably similar.

Specialist grower provides fresh flowers in bulk, and at the time of writing, the cost was around $5.50 per stem, however the price does go down to 3.50 if you buy 150. I visited the site and found some useful information, however the home page appeared to be selling a weight loss product and I couldn’t find clear information about the colors available.

An alternative would be wholesale flower sellers fifty flowers. They sell a wide number of fresh flowers as well as ready made bouquets and other items, and it is easy to choose colors from the website. Prices vary from color to color, but at the time of writing it was possible to buy 40 hydrangeas for 189.99 (inclusive of shipping) a cost of $4.75 per stem. They have the widest range of colors we have been able to find, 52 and some are truly beautiful including my personal favorite, ivory with a hint of blue . The company also provide hydrangeas in their mixed flower boxes, and if you are looking for something really different, you can buy hydrangea that have been sprayed almost any color you can think of.

How Many Silk Hydrangea Stems Will I Need?

This is where hydrangeas really show their strength. While roses and other flowers can be just as expensive per stem, you’ll need quite a few to create a centerpeice or bouquet. Not so with hydrangeas.

As an experiment, we created our own experimental centerpiece using two large silk hydrangea heads.

Here’s what we used.

1 pack of water pearls (enough for 4 liters of water – 2 large cola bottles)

4 floralytes

two silk hydrangea heads

2  branches of dried yarrow  foliage

4 empty cola bottles cut to size.

Here’s the resulting centerpiece.

Silk hydrangea centerpiece made from water pearls and cut up cola bottles



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