A floral centerpiece made from your favorite silk hydrangeas (or even the real thing if you’re lucky enough to have them in your garden) is the finishing touch that can bring your room to life. By adding a centerpiece made from artificial hydrangeas to your dining table you’re bringing beauty to the whole room, but what type should you use? A tall stunner, a long low modern arrangement, am informal posy or something more exotic? Why no try a candelabrum for a change; flowers with candles are really delightful. When it comes to the coffee and liqueurs after a beautiful meal, turn off the chandelier, dim the wall lights let the cosy glow of the candles take your and your friends to the wee, small hours.

If you’re not inclined to make your own centerpiece from silk hydrangeas (and we will have posts about that) here’s a roundup of some of the best ready made centerpieces we’ve found on the web.

If mauve and pink are your colors then this centerpiece arrangement is big, beautiful and expensive, all the things that will add style and grace to any dining room. Ideal as statement piece, it may be a little too tall to remain on your table when you service a meal, but it will definitely be noticed!  It’s not often we see a silk arrangement in pink which is really attractive, some pinks are just too, well, pink! This one combines the beauty of magnolias with wonderfully variegated hydrangeas. The arrangement is completed by a truly gorgeous footed urn. I have no pink rooms in my home, but this arrangement is still on my wish list!

Number 2 in our centerpiece roundup is rather more practical for meals. This arrangement of gorgeous silk hydrangeas and lilies is long and low, ideal for a dining room table. And as it is all white, with just the right amount of green, it will go with any decor. You can find it at Horchow, but don’t bother rushing, it’s currently on back order. I still had to include it.

Somewhat less expensive is this pretty hydrangea candelabrum. It is both elegant and different and will add finesse and romance to your dining room.  Again it’s ideal for a dinner party, being long and low, and of course filled with candles it will add a touch of romance to the meal.

A small informal arrangement of silk hydrangeas in a glass vase is a great DIY project, or if you don’t enjoy that sort of thing, you can get this one from silkflowers.com. Blue silk hydrangeas are ideal to accent a dining room if you have blue or blue accented china, or perhaps a lovely blue room. A small informal arrangement of lavender and blue hydrangeas in a glass bowl with acrylic water. This also is available in white and green.

Add sophistication to your dining room with this arrangement of cream hydrangeas with only their dark green leaves for contrast…..beautiful. The arrangement is available in several other colors from Certain Style Flowers.

This arrangement of hydrangeas, peonies, roses, berries and fruit is the epitome of refinement and is not only perfect to decorate your table when having a meal but will add style to your dining room too. The footed vase is very aristocratic, and the low shape is ideal to allow conversation to flow all around, without getting in the way of the view.

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  1. my girlfriend is into this type of thing and I am always looking to buy her ‘craft kits’ and such. Are their centerpiece building kits/